Liberty Bank Joins Breast Cancer Treatment and Prevention Campaign

Mr. Sergio Osadich, director of Avon Cosmetics Georgia, and Liberty Bank director general Mr. Aleksi Khoroshvili have concluded memorandum on cooperation.

Under the memorandum, Liberty Bank will join Avon’s campaign that involves updating the general public on cancer of the breast treatment and prevention measures. Additionally, Avon company will provide no cost consultations, echoscopy and mammography examination and diagnosis services as a result of a movable clinic.

Liberty Bank manages the broadest network and services information centers in Georgia and serves a lot more than 1.5 million clients. Having joined the campaign, the lender will apply their own platform and deliver information to population in not only cities, but also villages, where medical infrastructure has not been printed in due manner and ladies lack entry to free of cost screening programs. Liberty Bank guarantees distribution of educational materials and deliver information to the population about visits of Avon’s movable clinic to their own personal regions.

Since 1992 Avon company has become actively implementing breast cancers treatment campaign worldwide. In 2013 Avon Georgia also joined the actual program. With regards to implementing charity objectives, Avon will direct revenues from sales of charity products to your breast cancers defeat campaign. In 2014 the organization bought ultramodern digital mammography tool and placed it in New Vision university hospital, where any woman? in Georgia has the capacity to pass totally free consultations in mammology. Moreover, the corporation has rose-color meetings every year to improve perception about cancer of the breast.

Starting August 15, 2016 the organization inaugurated visits of movable clinics to regions, where women? have the ability to receive cost-free consultations and diagnosis as a consequence of modern medical equipment. The campaign came from Racha and is continued in Svaneti, Guria and Samegrelo.

Breast cancer is easily the most frequent disease among women. As well, at early phase, 8 installments of 10 ones are encountered with treatment. Permanent self-examination and screening considerably diminishes? cancer development risks. Therefore, it is important that countless women as you can to acquire details on self-examination methods and screening,

As area of the program, women residing in regions will get free of cost consultations in mammology and may have the option to give free mammology and echoscopy examinations.

\”Liberty Bank’s support in such a campaign is really important and valuable, because more women gets specifics of movable clinic opportunities and receive educational materials on cancers of the breast prevention measures\”, Avon company director Sergey Osadich noted.

\”We are happy to ensure that contribution to this particular important campaign . Jointly with Avon company we\’re going to implement other campaigns too to elevate understanding of breast cancers treatment along with its prevention in Georgia\”, Liberty Bank director general Aleksi Khoroshvili said.

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