Liberty Bank Unveils Renovated Regional Branch in Kutaisi

Liberty Bank has unveiled a renovated regional branch in Kutaisi, the Imereti Region.

The new branch will give you the whole package of banking services in excess of 15 000 clients a month. You\’ll find ATMs and quick payment terminals along at the renovated regional branch and organization is competent to receive bank services without signing up to the branch operators. Customers are able to take loans, pay loans, place money accounts, complete cash transfer and various transactions.

Besides the regional branch, Liberty Bank manages 13 service centers in Kutaisi. Liberty Bank manages the greatest network and services information centers in Georgia using more than 660 facilities.

Liberty Bank provides various mechanisms of services. Therefore, clients are in the position to receive bank services without visiting branches. Currently, Liberty Bank serves a lot more than 1.5 million clients.

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