PASHA Bank Funds a dog training for Socially Vulnerable and Successful Students

PASHA Bank sponsored a one-day training organized by Tbilisi Hippo Fund and International School of Intellect and Education (ISIE). The courses was arranged for any socially vulnerable students and people with good academic performance.

The training was held near Tbilisi in a very specially selected casual atmosphere, in order that the participants could freely communicate, share opinions and gain basic knowledge about the different subjects.

The participants were put to use determined by their applications and motivation letters.

Specially invited speakers Maka Asatiani (Unicard, Marketing Director), Bidzina Kumsiashvili (Founder at Tbilisi Hippo Fund, lecturer at Pennsylvania University), Jemal Arjevanidze (Specialist at Tbilisi European Youth Center) and Tornike Chargeishvili (Peace Corps Regional Coordinator) presented the following topics: Writing projects, marketing and efficient communication, volunteering and informal education. The project was supported by Tbilisi City Hall,, Generations for peace and Tbilisi life.

“PASHA Bank happily decided support this project since we believe that the ability would assist the students in a range of ways. It is now something of any tradition for PASHA Bank to sponsor educational projects, since we have confidence in the effectiveness and importance of such initiatives. We try to lead to the rise and progression of the Georgian and regional economy and business with quality education for an absolute pre-requisite,” C said Anano Korkia, Head of PR and Marketing at PASHA Bank.

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