Thomas Melia: Appointment of Special Manager at Georgian Manganese is Expropriation

Organized by Government of Georgia, the 25th anniversary of multinational of diplomatic relations amongst the USA and Georgia occured in Washington.

At the presentation the participants discussed investment relations. Irakli Matkava, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Georgia, was questioned about inappropriate attitude towards major companies in Georgia. Thomas Melia, the first sort USAID’s Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia, recalled specific cases, including Phillip Morris, Rustavi 2 and Georgian Manganese cases.

The decision taken over Georgian Manganese is unclear and non-transparent, Thomas Melia noted. The American organization is one of the major employers and exporters in Georgia, Thoma Melia said.

“Attracting of foreign direct investments (FDI) is one of the key priorities of presidency of Georgia. You noted for you to follow open economy policy and liberal approaches, but there are actually certain samples and questions. Georgian Manganese is really an American company, the major employer and exporter. The way it is arisen a few weeks ago seems nontransparent and unclear. It’s an expropriation used.

We have noticed the statement by International Chamber of Commerce regarding the court system in Georgia. Settled in order to those issues”, Thomas Melia said.

Georgia has accomplished many reforms and then we appreciate how important its to remain this, Irakli Matkava answered.

We remind you that Secretary of state for Environment Protection appointed a unique manager at Georgian Manganese on May 11.

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