Georgian Exports to EU Countries Grow by 41%

Demand for Georgian products grows on EU market.?

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in January-May 2017 the region exported 260 million USD products to EU market, up 40.7% every year.
Inside reporting period, imports totaled 830.4 million USD, up 9.1% every year.

Georgia’s total trade turnover with EU countries constituted 1.090 billion USD, up 15.3% …


Fox’s ‘Bordertown’ is a ripped-from-the-headlines satire

Fox\’s new animated comedy \”Bordertown\” specializes in two neighboring families in the fictional Southwest border town. (FOX)

The animated comedy, which premieres Sunday night on Fox, inspires any type of laughs that accompany a wince. How uncomfortable you happen to be relies on what amount you’ve paid care about current events.

Created by “Family Guy” writer Mark …


CRYPTO INSIDER: The bloodbath continues

Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

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The cryptocurrency sell-off has become being known as a “bloodbath” by commentators while it enters a 3rd straight day\’s declines. Listed below …


Cuban migrants with children to generally be among first outside Cr airlift?

Cuban migrant Daury Leal, 39, holds 11-month-old Yeryko Boza, the son of an fellow migrant, in a refugee camp in Liberia. (Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times)

A rough sketch takes shape depending upon how roughly 8,000 Cuban migrants will continue their journey to the Country immediately as talks continue between Central American countries and Mexico. Costa Rican …



Along with information technologies, organizations are developing service supply technologies at high paces.

As an end result, all of us receives many notifications via cellphones, social media or emails about new offers and merchandise C some individuals locate them interesting or vitally important, but other are irritated. On this madly developing world, your bank will guide …


Industrial Products Producer Price Index Grows

In May producer price index for industrial products rose by 9.4% year on year, while the index has not changed month on month. In May 2017 prices rose by 0.6% for processing industry products, that has been reflected by 0.51% overall indicator in the index.

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, prices rose on …


Copper Ores Rank First in Georgia's Exports Items

Exports markets have recorded an increasing consideration in Georgian products.

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in January-May 2017 exports rose by 28.7% and totaled 1.003 billion USD.

Copper ores and concentrates lead in Georgia’s top 10 exports items with 170.1 million USD exports (17% in Georgia’s total exports). Ferroalloys rank second with 123.6 million …


C3 IoT, an almost failed startup founded by a colorful billionaire who was trampled by an elephant, has raised another $100 million

Tom Siebel, founder, chairman and CEO of C3 IoT.Delivering Alpha

C3 IoT has raised $100 million from investors that come with U2 singer Bono and movie mogul Jeff Skoll.
C3 IoT began by billionaire Tom Siebel right before he was attacked by an elephant.
As Siebel wheel-chaired himself to meetings, his company nearly died.
He pivoted, restructured, …


VTB Bank Advances in Rating of Billionaire Banks

VTB Bank has? gone to the 4th position during the rating of billionaire commercial banks and surpassed Cartu Bank after Bank Republic.

The bank’s assets inside the second quarter rose by 2.8%. The loans portfolio increased by 5.7% quarter on quarter.

In the first half 2016 VTB Bank’s profits created 9 million GEL, up 2.6 times quarter …