Presidential fashion: Best 5 outfits President Sols sported in 2015

President Luis Guillermo Sols at the 150th anniversary with the Costa Rican firefighters in July 2015. ((Via Twitter))

Clothes result in the man, the phrase goes, and President Luis Guillermo Sols took the adage to heart at the moment.?Being president is a political and ceremonial post in C . r ., which?suggests that besides wearing smart suits, wrangling with lawmakers and traveling the globe to meet up with with world leaders, sometimes you have?to get dressed with a cowboy hat or possibly a sweet presidential sash to meet the strain of your occasion.

Alberto Font/The Tico Times

Sols caught some flack in July whilst came in a ceremony honoring firefighters wearing a captain’s uniform. The brief brouhaha got us thinking what else Sols wore this season. Here are our picks for the top 5 Luis Gui looks in?2015.

1.?Graduation Gown

Sols wore this black and gold ensemble at Renmin University of China within a state trip to Beijing in January. The play amongst the gold stripe down the middle of the robe and the black field draws the viewer’s eye into the center, resulting in a slimming effect for any wearer. Careful, the graduation tassel could be?a?fashion faux pas. Note Sols\’ tassel is about the left, which means that he\’s already received his honorary diploma. Ensure that is stays to the right within the cap until graduation. Unisex, formal occasions only.

President Luis Guillermo Sols speaks at Renmin University in Beijing during the vacation to China in January 2015. Via Renmin University

2. Park Ranger

Sometimes leading the way of the country is required to have some dirt within the fingernails. In February, Sols visited La Cangreja National Park wearing a broad canvas hat, hiking pants, boots along with an Osa Conservation Area polo shirt. Classic outdoor wear, informal.

President Luis Guillermo Sols in La Cangreja National Park in February 2015. (Courtesy Casa Presidencial)

3. Firefighter Captain Uniform

Who can resist someone in uniform? Evidently, Sols\’ detractors. This can be a outfit that drew such criticism, namely because Sols is very little firefighter; he\’s obama of Costa Rica. Critics accused the president of playing \”dress up\” along at the firefighters’ 150th anniversary in July. But Casa Presidencial said Sols meant the gesture for a sign of respect for?the firefighters. Epaulets are a nice touch for your country without an army and the white hat guarantees he is not lost in the crowd. Reserve for sesquicentennial celebrations, formal.

President Luis Guillermo Sols for the 150th anniversary of the Costa Rican firefighters in July 2015. Via Twitter

4. Dashiki

This is amongst the very first time a Costa Rican president has worn West African garb. Sols has spoken often about his family\’s Jamaican roots, and the man went for any West African classic, the dashiki, complete with a matching brimless kufi cap, for Afro-Costa Rican Culture Day in August. Don\’t be outdone, U.S. Ambassador S. Fitzgerald Haney also rocked a dashiki along at the parade in Limn. Everyday wear.

President Luis Guillermo Sols, first lady Mercedes Pe?a and U.S. Ambassador S. Fitzgerald Haney at an Afro-Costa Rican Culture Day celebration in August 2015. Via U.S. Embassy in San Jos

5. Whitewater Rafter

Building on his sportsman look from La Cangreja, Sols went whitewater rafting to the Pacuare River in August.?Safety first, do remember the helmet! Outdoor active wear, casual.

?Listo! Sols is handed a paddle. Karl Kahler/The Tico Times

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