Hualing Group: What Georgian Banking Sector Should Expect

Hualing Group initiated a policy of active strategy of re registering Bank Republic. The bunch who had no experience in the banking business before Basisbank acquisition next year has entered the Georgian bank sector.

Since Chinese investors have got bold measures in the Georgian business sector, that they need an ad bank for …


Bad Loans Ratio in Bank Sector Remains Low

The ratio of bad loans in the bank sector remains at low level, around 4%. The number of nonperforming loans is in charge of 669 million GEL.

In comparison to its loan portfolio, by far the most positive coefficient is recorded for Bank Republic (5.2%), ProCredit Bank (5.7%) and TBC Bank (5.7%). The top ratio is …


Current Tendencies Of Bank Deposits

The total level of non-bank deposits inside the country’s banking sector increased by 3.1 percent (exchange rate effect excluded volume of deposits increased by 3.0 percent), or by 448.9 million GEL, when compared to July 1, 2016 and constituted 14.8 billion GEL by August 1, 2016.

In July, the level of term deposits increased by 272.9 …


Ratio of Bad Loans in Bank Sector Grows

The ratio of bad loans has grown in your pocketbook sector, even so the indicator still remains at low-level and accounts for 3.8% adjusted June 1.

The volume of bad loans is liable for 579 million GEL (561 million GEL since May 1, 2016).?Loans (nonstandard, doubtful, bad) are regulated by reserves of 30%, 40% and 100%.