What’s up, no WhatsApp? Brazilians peeved after service suspended

For illustrative purposes. (Alberto Font/TheTico Times)

SAO PAULO, Brazil?—?An incredible number of Brazilians aroused from sleep shocked and cranky Thursday following the popular WhatsApp smartphone messaging application was turned off for two main days using a judge’s order.

The service is wildly popular in Brazil as it would be free, and millions in South America’s largest country …


Brazil’s ban on WhatsApp is lifted a lot less than A day after it began

For illustrative purposes. (Alberto Font/TheTico Times)

RIO DE JANEIRO – The day after a Brazilian judge ordered the suspension within the WhatApp cellphone chat and voice service for Two days, reducing scores of users collected from one of from the country’s hottest communication services, another judge overturned the ban.

Brazilians had joined in black humor and outrage …


Rousseff future on hold as Brazilians take break from crisis

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff speaks within the 15th National Health Conference in Brasilia on Dec. 4, 2015. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff\’s allies appealed Dec. 3 towards the Top court to close impeachment proceedings, warning of the political \”storm\” in Latin America\’s biggest country. (Evaristo Sa/AFP)

BRASILIA, Brazil – Brasilia has grown to be something on the …


The tides of Latin American populism

Demonstrators rally against a decree by Argentina\’s new President Mauricio Macri to switch a media law, outside of the National Congress in Buenos Aires, on Dec. 17, 2015. (Alejandro Santa Cruz/AFP/TELAM )



Brazil heads for worst recession since 1901, economists forecast

Brazil\’s President Dilma Rousseff with the Planalto Palace in Braslia, on Dec. 21, 2015. (Evaristo SA/AFP)

RIO DE JANEIRO C?Brazil’s economy will contract greater than previously forecast as well as being at risk of the deepest recession since not less than 1901 as economic activity and confidence sink amid a political crisis, market research of analysts …


The professor at the centre of Brazil’s market meltdown

The President on the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) Luciano Coutinho attends a Brazil-Africa seminary in Rio de Janeiro on May 03, 2012. (Christophe Simon/AFP)

SAO PAULO, Brazil — It played a key role inside creative bookkeeping in the centre on the impeachment process against Brazil President Dilma Rousseff. It spearheaded the debt surge that triggered the …


Latin America’s populist collapse cheered with foreign inflows

Venezuelans walk beyond daylight hours National Assembly in Caracas, on Dec. 7, 2015. Venezuela’s jubilant opposition vowed Monday to download the oil-rich country beyond its economic crisis and free political prisoners after winning power over congress from socialist President Nicols Maduro. (Luis Robayo/AFP)

MEXICO CITY C?It’s been a difficult run for Latin American leftists, and investors …