National Bank Gave 8.5 mln GEL to the Market

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) supplied much more than 8.5 million GEL to your market.

At the currency auction, the NBG purchased 8.5 million GEL towards market. The averaged weighed exchange rate made 2.2802.

Investment bankers tend not to expect this intervention to provoke strengthening the GEL exchange rate. Getting foreign currency means a source of …


Central Bank Sells USD 40 Million

National Bank of Georgia (NBG) sold USD 40 million at a currency auction on September 27 to back up national currency lari (GEL).

It was NBG\’s second intervention in less than a week as well as the third one out of monthly, selling in these two previous occasions USD 20 million each time.

After the September 27 …


National Bank Implemented 20 Currency Interventions in 2016

In September 2016 the GEL exchange rate came by 1.7% with regards to USD.?The September trades started by $1=1.3138 GEL exchange rate, as the month’s last trade registered? 1$=1.3361GEL exchange rate.

In September the nation\’s Bank of Georgia (NBG) implemented 2 currency interventions and supplied 60 million USD to your market to curb extreme …


EBRD Issues First Public Bond in Georgian Lari

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) issued its first public bond in Georgia’s lari currency, the way it looks to lift funds for local projects and provide the country’s debt market.

The EBRD said on Monday the five-year bond, worth 107 million lari ($49 million), was added to the Georgian Stock trading game on …