Georgian Exports to EU Countries Grow by 41%

Demand for Georgian products grows on EU market.?

According to Geostat, national statistics service of Georgia, in January-May 2017 the region exported 260 million USD products to EU market, up 40.7% every year.
Inside reporting period, imports totaled 830.4 million USD, up 9.1% every year.

Georgia’s total trade turnover with EU countries constituted 1.090 billion USD, up 15.3% …


Armenia and Georgia set to flourish Bilateral Trade

The commerce and industry chambers of Armenia and Georgia signed today a memorandum on cooperation in Yerevan inside the presence of the ministers of economy of both countries.

Speaking to reporters, Martin Sargsyan, the top of your Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said the level of commodity exchange between the countries isn\’t small, option to …


Georgia and Ukraine to Reduce Cargo Transit Duty

For the intention of growth of transit competitive capacity, Georgia and Ukraine plan to lower cargo transit duty.

Transit cargo duty reduction will probably be discussed at Georgia-Ukraine negotiations in Batumi. The meeting will talk about cargo transit issues between Europe and Asia.

Deputy Minster of Infrastructure of Ukraine Viktor Dovgan noted at his Facebook page which …


Georgian Foreign Reserves Take any presctiption maximum of 3.5-year

The amount of Georgian foreign assets is increased as many as 2.956 billion USD, it will be the highest rate after November, 2013.

Reserve assets increased by 13 million USD through A month, whilst the increase is Tens of millions of y-o-y.

Major shares of reserves C 2.753 billion USD take into account foreign currency reserves. However, …


Georgia's Debt to Kazakhstan has Decreased

Georgia’s debt to Kazakhstan has decreased.

Dimitri Kumsishvili, Minister of Finance signed a legal contract on restructuring Georgia’s debt on the Republic of Kazakhstan. As outlined by it, the quality of Georgia’s debts are decreased from 27.77 million to 25.48 million USD.

“Kazakhstan’s debt is going to be paid while using the reached agreement while using Paris …


The IMF Names Relations to Returning Georgia into the 5% Growth

Tao Zhang,?Deputy Managing Director, IMF names relation to its returning Georgia on the 5% growth.

He made remarks at Tbilisi State University and noted them to see Georgia back in the 5.5 % growth once the recent downturn, but it surely would rely on several issues.

“That is determined by the continuation of contemporary policies that have …


China, Georgia Celebrated Twenty-five years of Diplomatic Relations

China and Georgia celebrated 20 years of diplomatic relations on June 9 in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. Numerous people braved the hot humid weather to get acquainted with the eventC ‘China-Georgia Friendship Day’.

Several tents lined Rike Park, utilizing its lots of Chinese wares, including artifacts, textiles, wine, or a stand selling traditional Chinese tea. Additionally, …