Here’s what 13 Wall Street pros are predicting for that stock trading game in 2018

Fundstrat: 3,025

Business Insider

“We have been constructive on stocks in 2018, driven by earnings growth and development of +13% and slight P/E expansion, supported by strong global growth (tempered by rising core inflation),” said Tom Lee, the actual top of research at Fundstrat, in a very January 11 note.

“2017 Barbell of FANG + CRAP* meaningfully …


9 great jobs 20-somethings are getting wild for, reported by LinkedIn

The median annual pay for these jobs ranges from $34,500 to $95,000.Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design/Flickr

? Many seniors around the country have embarked on their final semester in college.

? LinkedIn compiled a directory of the jobs that grads tended to experience 2017.

? A number of the roles were from the finance sector.

College …


Congress is scrambling to get a deal to separate the us government shutdown

Mitch McConnell and Chuck SchumerGetty Images/Pool

After the Senate would not pass a funding bill Friday night, government entities is now from a partial shutdown.
The two parties inside the Senate would not reach a on immigration, funding, healthcare, or timing of a government funding extension.
The Senate reconvened at 12 p.m. ET to remain their job, whilst …


The business the White House just took control of is getting ready to feed us to loan sharks

Mick Mulvaney.REUTERS/Carlos Barria

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is considering changing a guide so it’s easier for payday loan lenders to have more of people’s money.
This as soon as the White House took over the business and installed Mick Mulvaney as director.
Despite railing against the banks throughout his campaign, The GOP may be easing regulation on …


An art marijuana brand is popping a famous California winery into a Wonka Factory for weed

The Flow Cannabis Institute is really a first-of-its-kind marijuana tourism destination in California.Flow Kana

Marijuana tourism is coming for California’s famed wine country.

A craft cannabis brand called Flow Kana is setting up a marijuana processing and manufacturing hub on the spot associated with a former winery in Mendocino County. This company purchased the 80-acre parcel …


MORGAN STANLEY: Listed below are 2 alternative options for income if you’re looking to avoid ‘lower-quality’ bonds and stocks

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Markets may well not go to a repeat of last year’s strong returns on risky assets like stocks.
Meanwhile, the yields on high-quality assets like Treasurys are historically low.
For alternative options for income, investors can make use of dividend growers and Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), in line with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. …


13 high-paying jobs at companies people love earning a living for

Human resources director at E. & J. Gallo Winery


Median base salary: $115,000 to $188,000

Company the best places to work ranking: No. 14

Job description:

@ Induce organizational development, employee hiring, training, change management, and employee relations across four sites: La, San diego, ca, Ontario, and Bakersfield (headquartered in LA).

@ Partner cross functionally across corporate HR, sales, …


Atlassian’s stock has doubled in the past year – however its president says the Australian tech company has lots of room to cultivate (TEAM)

Atlassian President Jay SimonsYouTube

In the wake of Atlassian’s latest earnings report, company president Jay Simons spoke with Business Insider.
Although its stock dipped Thursday, Atlassian has received many very good news lately – its share price nearly doubled in the last year, as well as its revenues are close to hitting $1 billion yearly.
Simons …


Buses carrying Apple and Google workers had their windows broken in a series of targeted highway attacks

A cop shouts for demonstrators to advance outside the path of a Google shuttle bus in San francisco bay area in 2014.Robert Galbraith/Reuters

Shuttle buses carrying Apple and Google employees were hit by unknown objects, possibly rocks or pellet gun ammunition, on Tuesday.
Four buses carrying Apple employees and a second bus carrying Google employees were targeted. …


Here’s what are the results if the government shuts following this week

A US Park Police man stand guard while you\’re watching closed Lincoln Memorial over the 2013 government shutdownMark Wilson/Getty Images

Congress has until the end of Friday to give a bill to stop an incomplete shutdown in the governing administration, plus a bill’s passage will not look promising.
In the case of an shutdown, essential services would …